Dog Spa

Roxy's Dog Spa

We all know what happens when dogs get together and act like, well, dogs – they get dirty!  We’re happy to lend a helping hand with this and offer baths and nail clips to make things easier, and all dogs qualify for a free bath after a 10-day stay!

Note Regular Bath Includes: Shampoo, Conditioner, Blowout and Brushout

We currently DO NOT offer full service grooming
– Coming Soon!

Our Dog Spa is Open to All!

We offer our dog spa services to anyone, not just our boarding and daycare friends.  If your animal is in need of a bath, we’re happy to help!

Spa Options

 Dog Size  Coat Type  Price
 Large Dog  Long Coat  $25.00
 Large Dog  Short Coat  $20.00
 Large Dog  Smooth Coat  $18.00
 Medium Dog  Long Coat  $20.00
 Medium Dog  Short Coat  $18.00
 Small Dog  Long Coat  $15.00
 Small Dog  Short Coat  $10.00
 *Any Size  Nail Clip  $10.00