‘We started Roxy’s Dog Ranch, located in Ridgefield Washington, when we were unable to find a dog care facility near Clark County where we felt comfortable leaving our canine family members. When we discovered only traditional kennels available in the area that relied heavily on cages to manage the dogs, we were inspired! Our 5 acre family ranch has 2500 square feet of indoor space to create an environment that truly prioritizes the natural canine need for companionship within a pack. The mental and physical exercise and stimulation is vital for their overall health and wellbeing.

 Dogs  Daily Price
 1 Dog  $40.00 per day
 2 or more Dogs  $30.00 (per additional Dog)

 Daily Price
1-2 Medications
Once to Twice Daily
+3 Medications
Once to Twice Daily

 Food  Price Per Meal
Rox’s Dog Food  $1.00

Hours of Operation

For Boarding Services Only
(holiday’s observed may affect these hours – See Below…)

Monday – Friday:  7:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Saturday:  8:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Sunday:  8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Holiday notice

Daycare closed November 24th and 25th. Thanksgiving

Daycare closed on December 26th. Christmas

Holiday Rates and Dates:

Thanksgiving rates are in effect from saturday Nov 19th-Sunday the 27th

Christmas rates are in effect from Monday December 19th-Tuesday Jan 1st

Rates: 1st Dog $45.00 each additional dog $35.00

Pickup Deadline 10:00 AM

The days start early here at Roxy’s Dog Ranch, and by 7:00 AM we begin actively working with the dogs we care for by feeding, watering, and often leading morning treks through the woods. It’s not fair to the other guests in our care to limit our services and activities in any way, so please pick up your dog(s) by 10:00 AM to avoid any added costs.

5% Discount for Cash Payments

We appreciate cash payments because credit cards and trips to the bank to deposit checks create unnecessary expenses for everyone involved.  As a thank you, we are happy to offer a 5% discount to anyone paying cash for our boarding services.

Additional Discounts Available!
  • All boarded dogs get free daycare services – most boarders charge extra!
  • Boarding stays longer than one month qualify for additional discounts!  Please call for more details.
Rates Charged by Calendar Day

Your first day of boarding would start from the time you drop your dog(s) off to 10:00 AM the next day.  If dogs need to stay longer, that’s okay but another day will be charged after the 10:00 AM deadline has been reached.


We provide each canine guest at Roxy’s Dog Ranch with all the water they can drink and a twice daily feeding schedule.  Regular diets can be provided (kibble, canned or treats) for each of the guests by their owners OR we do provide Premium Diets (Limited Ingredients Available) here as a convenience to our owners.


Our qualified staff is happy to administer any medications your canine requires, during their stay, provided by the owners.  If you would like medications administered, please download our administration form and bring it with you during your visit.

Administration Charge:  We will administer two medications up to twice daily, the fee is $3 per day. If your dog requires more than two medications throughout the day, the fee is $5 per day.

Note: No Shots are to be given during their stay at Roxy’s Dog Ranch

  • We require a physical copy of all current vaccines to have on file here at the Ranch. We will also upload those expiration dates onto our software so you can receive reminder emails and be able to view those vaccines via our client portal.
  • Owners may also email over copies themselves or request their veterinarian send copies to our
  • We require all dogs be current with the Influenza, Rabies, Distemper/Parvo and Bordetella (Kennel Cough) vaccine.
  • We also require and recommend all dogs be given current and regular flea prevention.

To protect the animals we care for as well as the environment here at Roxy’s, we have a few requirements for your consideration:

  • Due to our facilities philosophy and group setting, we require all dogs to be properly socialized before allowing them to the ranch.
  • The Liability Agreement and Registration Form are required to be filled out, either emailed or physically brought, prior to staying at the ranch.
  • Proof of current vaccines must be provided.